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Student Services

Our student services staff is dedicated to providing training and support for users of the ProgressBook Suite of Products that contain StudentInformation (SI, DASL), DataMap, GradeBook, VirtualClassroom and SpecialServices (SpS) software modules.  SameGoal IEP Anywhere is another Special Education software that we support as well.  In addition our newest product available to MVECA districts is HealthOffice.  Many training opportunities and open lab sessions are provided throughout the year in order to meet the needs of our customers, please be sure to visit our Training Calendar to register.
These pages provide links to instructional documentation, tutorial videos and quick links to the individual software applications.  The below is a brief description of the software applications we support for our districts.

StudentInformation (SI/DASL) is a web based student information software package developed by MCOECN and its affiliate. StudentInformation is a database application that lets you collect, store, and manage all “permanent record” information about the students in your district. This includes information about medical alerts, custody, parent/guardian contacts, fees, lockers, homerooms, discipline, attendance, scheduling, assessments, graduation verification, and marks. In addition, you can post calendars, links, and announcements for your staff. Finally, StudentInformation helps you comply with your state’s reporting requirements.
DataMap is a student analytics tool that integrates with StudentInformation and collects, aggregates, and displays trending and historical assessment result data for state standardized assessments, other state assessments, district assessments and third-party assessments.  In addition this software is a tool to view and manage a student’s current and historical interventions and also manage Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s or objectives) to measure students’ growth. 
GradeBook is a classroom management solution that integrates grade book, lesson plan development, attendance, special education, and parent communication into one comprehensive Web-based system.  GradeBook provides a user-friendly interface for teachers, school administrators, cafeteria personnel, and others to track and maintain student information.  Class and student data is automatically populated into GradeBook from StudentInformation, eliminating the need for data re-entry.  GradeBook supports standards-based reporting, which is essential in today’s education environment.
 VirtualClassroom is a web-based learning management system (LMS) that is integrated with GradeBook. It facilitates blended learning both inside and outside the classroom. Using VirtualClassroom, you can create activities such as homework, quizzes, tests, and discussions for students to complete online in ProgressBook.
SpecialServices (SpS) focuses on the tasks special educators perform to identify, evaluate, and monitor a student's progress in a special education program by providing the state and district forms necessary for each stage of the process. The state required forms are kept up-to-date in SpS, so districts can remain in compliance with state and federal laws. SpecialServices also contains a state reporting tool to extract information entered onto the forms for Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), Evaluation Team Reports (ETRs), Individual Service Plans (ISPs), and other required forms in the state mandated format. This information can then be imported into StudentInformation or a state data collection tool.
SameGoal IEP Anywhere is a Special Education Program that assists educators in documenting K-12 programs that include Special Education, Section 504, Gifted Education and Third Grade Reading Policies.  This program integrates with the ProgressBook Suite StudentInformation  Application utilizing VendorLink (3rd Party Integration).  Forms update automatically per state and federal changes. Interactive administrative reports are available and districtwide ability to store compliant text and default field values that are a popular feature with this program.  IEP Anywhere provides an extract report that can be used to import into StudentInformation for State reporting purposes. 

School Health Management is a software solution designed to support each school health provider with their unique workflow functionality within one integrated database to provide a compliant and meaningful way to document every instance with every student for improved care coordination and better academic outcomes.  School Health Management is the premier, HIPPA, FERPA and IDEA compliant software for schools designed to help reduce chronic truancy, identify potential learning disparities, uphold required immunization compliance for admission, pinpoint risky trends such as bullying, suicide ideation, violent tendencies, and more.

One easy to use, web-based interface captures data recorded by School Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses, Therapists and other school professionals who influence a student’s physical and mental health and well-being.

Competitively priced, every district can have access to a sophisticated software solution designed to help keep your schools safe and to position students for their best chance at academic success.  Integrated Medicaid Billing provides ROI on the software while securing compliant reimbursement for services your district is already providing but may not be billing. 

The School Health Management Package includes:

-        Nursing Services 

-        Mental & Behavioral Health 

-        Special Education Therapy Documentation and Case Management

-        Transportation Documentation

-        Health Portal

-        Advanced Reporting

-        Implementation Setup

-        Tutor (eLearning)

-        Single Sign-On

-        Integrated Medicaid billing documentation, rules validation and Clearinghouse Services 

-        Integration with ProgressBook