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Cyber Security Awareness

Auditor of State Webinar

More than ever, cyber thieves are targeting Ohio tax dollars with great sophistication via local government offices and school districts.  Auditor of State Dave Yost wants to help public employees fortify their governments and schools to shield themselves from digital threats and fend off cyber-attacks.  This webinar will demonstrate:           

  • Different types of cyber attacks
  • Why governments are targeted
  • How to minimize your risk
  • Ways to spot digital threats
  • What to do if you’re attacked
  • How Bitcoin works

Infosec IQ

Great news!  As members of MVECA, you are eligible to purchase Infosec IQ licenses for your organization at a discounted price!   

Security awareness training built to educate & engage
Inspire lasting behavior change with security awareness training built to capture your employee’s attention and reinforce secure habits.
Choose from pre-built cybersecurity training programs with dozens of content styles or use built-in gamification strategies to make learning experiential and engage your employees every step of the way.

We can’t stress enough the importance of this type of training for all staff members with access to the internet and email.  Remember one wrong click can put your district’s data at risk and open you up to potential ransomware attacks.  Cyber thieves are no longer trying to force their way into your system.  Instead, they are trying to find one person to let them in the back door by tricking them into clicking on a link or an infected attachment.  To learn more about this product and the dangers your organization faces from social engineering, check out https://www.infosecinstitute.com/iq/content-library/

Contact Laura Gallogly for a quote.

Cyber Risk Insurance

Does your cyber risk insurance policy offer the coverage you need?  The cost of a data breach could be devastating and it’s increasing every year.  Many organizations may not be aware that common exemptions found in some policies can impact the value of your coverage.

MVECA recommends evaluating your agency's policy for the following:

  • Exclusions for any suit brought resulting from the compromise of electronic information that is not encrypted.
  • Ambiguous terms such as “reasonable and industry-accepted,” “appropriate physical security,” etc.
  • Exclusions of losses caused by malware that is not recognized by anti-virus programs.
  • Exclusions for “reckless disregard."
  • Exclusion for any criminal, fraudulent, or dishonest acts committed by an unidentified “you," with no clarification.

If you find any of these exclusions or ambiguous terms in your policy, contact your insurance agent to discuss options for more comprehensive coverage to protect your organization.

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