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Phone Number: (937) 767-1468

Fax Number: (937) 767-1793

Help Desk

As part of our Continuous Improvement Plan, and also as a required accountability measure of Information Technology Centers, MVECA utilizes a help desk software named Solarwinds ServiceDesk. The Solarwinds ServiceDesk provides a single point of contact for support within MVECA, and as the first and preferred line of response in resolving service problems. Solarwinds ServiceDesk helps MVECA with initiating change management processes resulting in high quality, consistent service delivery. This is an important and required part of our service that helps increase end-user productivity and raises customer satisfaction. Please contact MVECA if you need a help desk account (via DSL Active Directory).

A Getting Started document is available here that explains the options for using Solarwinds ServiceDesk.