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Why is MVECA Growth Important?

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  MVECA's continued focus on responsible growth generated a 193 percent increase in the organization's annual cash carryover between fiscal years 2010 to 2017, effectively addressing budget shortfalls and eliminating the need for significant fee increases. At the same time, MVECA increased staffing levels by 163 percent; reinvested in datacenter, network, and security infrastructure; absorbed cost increases for software licensing and maintenance; and decreased the cost of managed wireless services, hosted phone solutions, and core services for schools.  
  "MVECA is exceptionally thankful to our clients for their continued support and proud of the work and dedication its staff has demonstrated during this time of change," said Thor Sage, Executive Director. "Everyone at MVECA understands that our transformation and growth is critical to the health of the schools, governments, and non-profit organizations we serve."
  The Internet is an exceptionally powerful platform that has dramatically changed the way we do business, communicate, and educate. The need for more robust infrastructure, increased cyber-security, investments in technology support, and the procurement of modern communication tools is profound.  While technology budgets will continue to grow over time, the MVECA shared-services model and your partnership with more than 60 local and regional agencies and organizations will help control costs, introduce efficiencies, find critical economies of scale, and position your organization and community for success in the new broadband economy and the modern world. MVECA’s growth is your growth.