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MVECA Earns High Client Ratings

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MVECA Earns High Client Ratings
More than 98 percent of respondents rated the quality of MVECA services 'good' or 'excellent' in the 2016 Customer Satisfaction survey, emphasizing that the organization's commitment to high-quality technological services is making an impact on clients.
"As an Information Technology Center, our goal is to provide exceptional services and exceptional savings," said Thor Sage, Executive Director of MVECA. "Thirty-six years into that mission, we are more focused than ever on ensuring client satisfaction, meeting the range of technology needs of modern educational and public agencies, and maintaining our stability so our clients know they can count on us."
The survey data, collected in the spring of 2016, demonstrates that clients recognize the expertise, dependability, and support that being a MVECA client provides.
• 100 percent of surveyed customers rated MVECA staff members' knowledge and customer service 'good' or 'excellent'
• 84 percent of our customers rated our training sessions timely, useful and applicable.
• 87.5 percent of our customers rated our overall ability to meet their needs 'excellent.'
• Customers also identified areas of service their organization is interested in pursuing.
"The purpose of this survey is not only to identify how we're doing, but also where we can go next to serve our clients," said Mr. Sage. "With this data, we will continue providing the excellent service our clients deserve and explore opportunities to help customers fulfill their goals."