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Tutorial Webinars

***An overview of the Learning Management System that is part of the ProgressBook Suite
***Expanded Quiz View ***New in v17.3.0
***Learn how to add student resources
***Learn how to access your personal and district library
***Learn how to import a course from another LMS such as Common Cartridge or from backup files
***Learn how to create a course in VirtualClassroom and then associate the course with your classes in GradeBook
***Learn how to exclude questions from online assignments
***Learn how to preview an activity once content has been created of a quiz or discussion assignment
***Learn how to grade an assignment (quiz)
***Learn how to schedule an activity (quiz) to your class
***Learn how to analyze and interpret student results on an assignment (quiz)
***Learn multiple ways to upload resources for your students to reference during course instruction
***Learn how to add Collaborators to your course and what the Collaborator Roles are

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