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Student Information

Welcome to the MVECA resource center for all things StudentInformation related. Here you will find helpful links, forms, documents and presentations.If you can't find what you are looking for, try a different resource section or contact us.


State Ad Hoc Reports
This document is intended as a workaround for MVECA schools in tracking student attendance data to meet HB410 reporting requirements. This workaround is not a requirement but rather a tool to assist our districts in finding students who are currently crossing the HB410 thresholds. Software Answers is working very diligently and while we expect a release very soon, we are offering our customers one option until we have a release.


Software Answers Training Video for Absence Intervention Screens -6 min video
Software Answers Video covering the 17.0 version
3 min video demonstrating how to mark students as P-Present for community schools.
2 1/2 minute video demonstrating how to take attendance via Fast Entry for Absent Teacher