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DataMap How To

DataMap Tutorial Webinars

***View a short demo of DataMap
***Learn about the Student Roadmap and what is maintained on the Roadmap and its benefits.
***Learn about each security role in DataMap
***Review the benefits of the student search in DataMap
***Learn how to perform a state assessment search and its benefits
***Learn how to search and review how students did on a 3rd Party Assessment or District Assessment
***Learn how to view multiple assessments on one screen
***For the DataMap Assessment Administrator
***Learn how to load ACT or AP Assessment Data into DataMap
***Learn how to load OCBA and PARCC Assessment Data in DataMap
***Learn how to access Graduation Points in DataMap
***Learn how to view the 3rd Grade Reading Promotion Scores from the OCBA Assessment (Next Generation Assessment)
***Review of the Intervention Program inside of DataMap
***For the DataMap Intervention Admin. to learn how to create Intervention Programs and Intervention Templates
***Learn how to enroll a student(s) into an Intervention Program
***Learn how to exit a group of students from an intervention program
***Learn how to delete a student intervention
***Learn how to add a student to an intervention program from the student roadmap
***Learn how to delete a Student Learning Objective
*** Learn how to setup the JVS District Trust in SI
***For the JVS - How to view Student data from the Home district
***For districts that have VirtualClassroom, learn how to import VC common assessment scores into DataMap
***For districts that have VirtualClassroom, learn how to access VC common assessments in DataMap

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